We belong to God and each other.

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Our discovery class explains the privileges and responsibilities of membership. If you are interested in learning about becoming a member of Gracepoint Church, click below to receive an invitation to our next Gracepoint Discovery. We usually offer this membership class over a light lunch following a Sunday worship service.

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What is a Gracegroup?

Gracegroups are small groups (usually 6-12 people). They meet weekly to pray, discuss God’s Word, ask questions and find help for making life work. Get connected in a Gracegroup and discover an atmosphere more like a caring family than a study group. We offer groups Sundays at 9am in the fellowship hall and throughout the week both on campus and in homes. We offer groups for men, women, couples, singles, and mixed groups.

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Why Gracegroups?

We believe Gracegroups are the right way to care for people.

The early church didn’t just meet for corporate worship and pastoral teaching.  They also met in small groups for fellowship, prayer, and to study God’s Word in an atmosphere of encouragement and accountability. We need each other to share our spiritual journey.

We believe Gracegroups are the only way to develop people.

It’s in this environment where we discover our gifts and where leadership emerges. In a Gracegroup, there is time and space to grow. We grow through community. Discipleship happens in the context of relationships. God wants you to grow to maturity. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

We believe Gracegroups are the best way to reach people.

The greatest felt need in our society is family. Gracepoint is not like a family; we are a family. Our Gracegroups are the place to connect. We are not just a friendly church. This is a place where you can find friends for life.